About Us


Radio Teerex is an independent web radio station. 
Our sound goes to the Kingdom, disco and jazz, through the funk and the new wave. 
We are based in Montreal, but broadcast across the globe.

The station can be listened to with the free applications of Radio Teerex, available on Itunes and Google Play. 
It is also possible to have access to radio waves from various platforms such as TuneIn, Radioline, 
Radionomy and many others.



Michael K. Amil

Executive Director and Artistic Director




Juan Johnson

Executive Vice President







TeerexRadio Audio Productions

Teerex Radio Productions can create a 30 seconds audio commercial in English, or French, or Bilingual for record companies or artists at a very reasonnable rate.Contact us at teerexaudio productions@teerexradioteerex.com for info

Radio Teerex produits des commerciaux audios pour des compagnies de disques et artistes . Nous pouvons créer un commercial audio de 30 secondes en Francais ou en Anglais, ou dans les deux langues a des tarifs tres competitifs Pour info, contactez nous a teerexaudio productions@teerexradioteerex.com