Teerex Radio’s Hump Chart 15 July 2021

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Released: July 13, 2021


1 2 The Terri Green Project Sneaking out (Nwo Horns&Fontaine Burnett
2 4 Roger Moore Hodge The rock/Yaweh
3 3 Tanqueray Hayward Definition of a woman  LP(Complicated)
4 9 Bill Henry Band What love can do
5 6 Lavel Jackson Sweet Soul Music (Ep)
6 5 Crack of Dawn Gotta find a way
7 16 Johnny James Slippin (remix)+Your love
8 22 Candace Woodson Midas Touch (Nigel Lowis remix)
9 19 Soundofsuperbad Gotta get back (feat Stefanie S)
10 27 Dexter Wansel The Story of the flight crew to Mars LP
11 28 Madz Johnson Serenety Album (Sunset love +cuts
12 1 Kim Tavar Love me for me
13 30 Odyssey New York city (The Band’S mix)
14 7 Al Lindsey&Laura Rain Claim it
15 33 Laura Rain I am
16 34 Bernadette Cooper May the best girl win(Osunlade mix)
17 24 The Brooks So turned on
18 10 Alexander Norris Love’s knocking
19 0 Christos Tambouratzis I Can’t know that ft Bill Kalatansakos and Mihail Yossifov (bullet entry)
20 47 Michon Young Happy
21 37 Brother Reggie Love ballad/Love’S train
22 29 Petawane Lover’s dream/I’ll give you my heart
23 8 The Shapeshifters You ain’t love
24 0 Castella So glad i met you (Bullet entry)
5 40 Kat eaton Barricade/Checkin in
26 0 Stefanie Mills Let’s do the right thing(Bullet entry)
27 0 Petawane I got what you need (Bullet entry)
28 0 William Bradley Groove or the ques (ft George Clinton&Jeff Canady)
29 23 Johanna Saint Pierre Sensuous whispers
30 14 Tristan Don’t turn her down
31 15 David Hartfield We need you now
32 0 Cornell Cc Carter Not possible
33 38 Ascendant It’s not over ft Angela Johnson
34 0 The Bamboos Hard up Album (Various songs)
35 0 Tristan Risin’ up
36 11 Black Domino Fall in love ft Shawn Clover)
37 12 Diane Marsch I’ m spoken for
38 36 Claborg Do me right ft Paula Letang
39 32 Soulhill Joy coming at cha
40 0 Dimitris Dimopoulos This feeling you re givin me
41 0 Donna Allen Tell me why
42 0 Diana Ross Thank you
43 13 Mark&Beverley Knight Everything is gonna be allright
44 0 Quisha Wint The Essence (Bullet entry)
45 0 Detroit Emeralds Victory
46 21 Camera Soul Esagerato
47 17 Ashley Scott Don’t trough our love away
48 25 Habaka Love is never lost
49 0 Anomalie&Chromeo Bend the rules (Mngsgn mix)
50 0 Soulutions Get off your hight horse ft Gordon Lee
checkin Kool and The Gang Pursuit of happiness
checkin Paris Ford Can’t stand it
checkin Sons of Ffunk So bad
checkin Cj’s Connection She got me thinking ft Mather
checkin BFLYLADI Oh how i’m missing you
checkin Janette King You don t know me
checkin Billy Porter Caught up in the middle
checkin Alexander Norris Nothing you can
checkin Robert Harper The Bomb
checkin L’imperatrice Peur des filles


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